“A Win-Win Partnership”


When 2017 FedEx Cup and 2017 PGA Championship winner Justin Thomas launched his charitable foundation, he wanted to strike a balance between the fun and casual atmosphere that characterizes a successful “twenty-something” and the world-class experience that would inspire donors to invest significantly in the foundation’s important work.

Familiar with Hipp Inspired Experiences’ work, with the PGA, Justin and his family reached out to our team for help. From working to form and articulate the mission and goals of the foundation to designing and preparing for a 500-guest evening celebration, Hipp Inspired Experiences was able to help lay the groundwork for the Justin Thomas Foundation’s future success.

“Justin and I were talking last night and thinking about what we would have changed, if we had it to do all over again. Do you know what we came up with? Absolutely nothing. It was perfect.”

~ Jani Thomas, Justin’s mother


  • A new foundation, just forming its goals and purpose
  • Extremely high-end ticket and auction pricing in a hometown market
  • Casual feel and menu balanced with world-class aesthetic
  • Great expectations of Thomas family, partners and guests
  • Venue selection for a high-profile, large-scale event with security considerations
  • Two auctions—silent and live—requiring a high volume of theme-appropriate, one-of-a kind auction items and boutique presentation


  • Messaging, website, and social media for the foundation and launch
  • Partnership with PGA TOUR Entertainment for foundation and event video
  • PR and media coordination within the regional market
  • Coordination and cultivation of major event sponsors
  • Design and delivery of personalized gift packages for sponsors, guests, and VIPs
  • Sourcing and presentation for live and silent auction items
  • Design and coordination of invitations, menu cards, auction booklet, and signage
  • Creation of the largest scale menu and service plan ever used at the event venue
  • Strategic planning and production for 542-guest event including exclusive sponsor cocktail reception, whole-party cocktail hour, silent auction, live auction, dinner, fireside chat, and entertainment
  • Design and coordination of audio/visual plan and atmosphere for the event
  • Management and coordination of world-class entertainment, including NBC’s Peter Jacobson and performer Kelley James
  • Themed décor and floral design
  • Boutique, personal service for all guests


Our approach balanced the “fun and casual” personality Justin envisioned for the event with intentional, premium details and elegant, white-glove service. Combining these two goals took significant thought and planning, but the result was magical.

Throughout the evening, the Thomas family and their guests felt relaxed and had a great time, while memorable décor, entertainment and service elevated the entire event.


Thanks, in no small part, to the warmth and welcome of Justin and his family, the foundation launch was a huge success. Hipp Inspired Experiences did everything we could to put the ball on the tee, and the Justin Thomas Foundation crushed a beautiful 400-yard drive right down the center.