Strategic Orchestration

Major Sporting Events

Founded by a 20-year PGA tournament director and staffed with an exceptional team of experience designers, we specialize in partnering with noteworthy sports organizations to help produce their large-scale events.

Hipp Inspired Experiences understands the “horizontal” nature of large-scale event organizational charts – where public relations, operations, client services, and marketing each benefit tremendously by working seamlessly together.  To prepare for all types of activities, we employ strategic thinking, Hipp’s signature detailed operational planning, and communicative partnerships.


Whether we are preparing a Security/Parking/Traffic Control/Shuttles/Signage plan, or organizing a community-wide festival, or overseeing a Media Center used by more than 1,000 members of the world’s press, we approach each project with the end goal in mind and work diligently to create a rewarding and professional experience for all.


Large scale sporting events are a colossal compilation of piece-part details.  Hipp Inspired Experiences has a profound understanding of all event management components and we thrive in the details.  It is what makes us different than any other management team.


At every stage of the event experience, we consider how to delight and engage our target audience. Our team curates the perfect mix of aesthetic and practical details. Working with your goals and brand, we develop the precise balance between polish and required elements. Our aim is for each participant, sponsor, ticket holder, media personnel, vendor and volunteer to leave wanting more.

Last week we talked about one’s tendency to not notice beauty when you are surrounded by it all of the time. After our event tonight, I think of Hipp Inspired like that. You are so exceptional in the work you do that I just accept this gold standard and don’t say thank you often enough. A hearty THANK YOU from all of us at the club. You are unequaled.

Charlie Anderson, General Chairman, U.S. Amateur Championship


“You Are Only as Good as Those You Surround Yourself With”