TJ Combs

TJ has her finger on the pulse of Hipp Inspired. She loves the satisfaction of a perfectly reconciled bank account and spotting places where she can make everyone’s lives at the firm a little easier.

After moving from Florida to Kentucky to raise her two kids, Preston and Sydney, her skills in customer care landed her a job at a local but very busy CPA office. With 16 years of experience managing the books for many local businesses, she was the perfect candidate to manage Hipp Inspired’s Finance Department. TJ has always surrounded herself with people who have great vision and grand ideas, and she has a knack for helping businesses thrive.

As a recent transplant to Louisville from London, KY, she spends her free time renovating her house and spoiling her two dogs, Tribble and Molly. On the weekends, she and her husband David like to golf, barbeque, and enjoy outdoor movies projected on their deck with the neighbors. Stop on by, if you’d like!